How To Determine Your Body Shape

Apr 23, 2023 Morry

People have different body types, common classifications include apple-shaped, pear-shaped, hourglass-shaped, straight-shaped, and inverted triangle-shaped. These body types not only affect our appearance but also have an impact on our health. Therefore, it is essential to understand our body type and adopt corresponding lifestyle and clothing combinations. 


Today, our services can provide personalized recommendations and services based on our body type, making it easier for us to choose clothes that suit us and reduce the hassle of shopping. This service not only provides convenience but is also long-term, providing ongoing advice and recommendations on outfits that suit our body type. Let's learn about our body type and try to create our own fashion style.
Our clothes are divided into five types, and our entrance can be found according to the GIF above.

There are several ways to define your body shape. The most basic way to do it is to determine if you are either a
  • Pear (also called triangle or spoon)
  • Inverted triangle
  • Rectangle (also called ruler or banana)
  • Hourglass
  • Apple (also called cone or downwards triangle)

    Hey there friend, let me tell you how to distinguish different body types. The first figure to introduce is the pear-shaped figure.  

    Here are some features and ways to determine if you have a pear-shaped body:
    1. Fuller lower body, with wider thighs and hips, and a relatively narrow waist
    2. Slimmer upper body, with narrow shoulders and less pronounced chest
    3. Longer legs, in proportion to the upper body
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      Pear-shaped figures can be worn in two general directions: contraction method and loose method. For the former, the tightening of the waist and the simplification of the upper body are very important. You can choose a waist or v-neck design, or use accessories such as belts or silk scarves to divert attention. For the latter, you can choose a loose skirt, which can cover your thighs and is very comfortable.



      A loose-fitting, striped cotton and linen blend V-neck dress with dropped shoulders and side slits. The fabric's breathability makes it perfect for wearing in the spring and summer, while the loose fit effectively hides any lower body flaws.

      The characteristics of an apple-shaped body are
      1. a thicker waist
      2. wider chest and shoulders
      3. narrower hips and legs
      4. a relatively uneven body shape
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        Dressing suggestions for an apple-shaped body include choosing loose-fitting clothing, A-line skirts, V-neck and U-neck tops, and wide belts to highlight the fullness and beautiful curves of the body, making the body look more comfortable and beautiful.

        The characteristics of a rectangular body shape are:
        1. The shoulders and hips are about the same width.
        2. There is no obvious waist curve.
        3. The body proportions are relatively symmetricalut
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          Dressing suggestions for a rectangular body shape involve using clothing with strong design elements, highlighting the waistline, and adding layers to create feminine curves and showcase women's charm.
          The characteristics of an hourglass figure are:
          1. The shoulders and hips are roughly the same width
          2. with a very distinct waistline
          3. overall proportionate curves that exude graceful and elegant beauty.
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            The fashion tips for dressing an hourglass figure are to accentuate your waistline, choose form-fitting clothing, wear V-neck or U-neck styles, skinny pants, and cinched waistcoats to highlight the curves of your figure and make it look even more perfect.
            Characteristics of the inverted rectangle are:
            1. wide shoulders
            2. a relatively flat chest
            3. a narrow waist and hips
            4. and a proportionately long upper body and short lower body.
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              Women with an inverted triangle body shape should pay attention to the balance of their dressing, highlight the beautiful curves of their body, and avoid emphasizing the width of their upper body too much.


              We can break down these main categories into smaller groups to better tailor your body shape, but let's start with the basics for now. Don't worry, I'm here to make it easy for you!
              Bust – measure the fullest part of your bust. Make sure to hold the tape measure tight but not so taut that you squash your bust so you get a smaller measurement than you should.
              Waist – measure around the smallest part of your waist, usually just above your belly button.
              Hips – start at one hip and wrap the tape measure all the way around at the widest part.
              Loving and accepting yourself is crucial, and that includes embracing your own unique style.

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