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Join Us | Women Help Women

Mar 2, 2023 AlexLiu

This is a Special Month

For over a century, International Women's Day has been commemorating females of yesterday and today who demonstrate ingenuity and resilience on the global stage. This special occasion sparks creative event ideas to join people together in appreciation for all that women have achieved- past, present, and future! Let us honor their struggles by recognizing the obstacles many face through education about pertinent issues affecting them around the globe.


International Women's Day

This year, International Women's Day (March 8, 2023) spotlights the concept of EmbraceEquity. This means that women should be given what they need to thrive in all aspects of life such as social, economic, cultural and political spheres. Let us come together to ensure equity and success for all. One example of embracing equity would be women earning the same wages as men for the same work. In 2020, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that women earned just 82% of what men did in equivalent full-time roles. Ultimately, when we embrace equity, we achieve equality and create an inclusive world.


Women Need Help Women

There are a variety of reasons why male-dominated societies exist, ranging from physical differences to socio-cultural norms. Physical differences between men and women can be seen in size, strength and body composition, which can provide an advantage in certain tasks such as manual labour. Socio-cultural norms have been established over time that tends to favour males.


There must be some triggers to help build men-women equality. Education, awareness and advocacy can all help to reduce gender disparities in society by providing women with equal access to economic, social and political opportunities. Additionally, laws that promote impartial treatment of men and women in the workplace can also have a positive impact on gender equality.


One way that this can be done is through offering mentorship programs or other initiatives that help provide female-identifying individuals with opportunities to develop their skills and reach their professional goals. Additionally, female allies can use their platform and influence to raise awareness about gender issues and advocate for change in policy, practice and social attitudes. Finally, every woman can play an important role in challenging any instances of gender-based discrimination that they may observe at work or elsewhere in society.

Cozinen Should Take the Responsibility

Our goal is to recognize the remarkable accomplishments of women and facilitate their entrepreneurship without any restrictions. We may not have vast influence, but we are doing our best to Embrace Equity!


Now, we call for all women's business stories, especially small business, to be shared here. We believe that these stories can act as an inspiration for young women around the world and show them that success is possible through hard work and dedication. Through our platform, we hope to create an ecosystem of support that celebrates every woman’s journey and connects them with like-minded people in their industry.


How to Join Us?


  • Share with us your or your close female friends' entrepreneurial stories, either a short story in the process of starting a business, or thoughts on female entrepreneurship, or advice for female entrepreneurship. (send your story to info@cozinen.com or dm us on INS or FB)


We will make an internal selection and choose the shares that are valuable for our customers (as long as they are positive and true stories, we will select them) and then further share them on our social media (currently 8,000+ followers in total). If it is a very informative article for our clients, we will further contact the author to write a Blog and put it on the front page of our website. (Our official website gets up to 50w users/month). We hope we can take up our responsibility as a brand through this friendly cooperation.

Bonus: For all the authors who participate, we hope to send you a small gift, a gift card to our website (worth $20). For the authors who finally share on our website, we would like to send a gift box (worth $100)!

*Information will be received from this moment until March 31, 11:59PM (UTC+0)


Even better, weave in information about how women artists have been marginalized due to bias, so attendees understand the importance of uplifting women’s voices.

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