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Unsure of what size will work? Check out our Size Guides below. The Size Chart is also below the price or on top of the product title with each product page.

Click on "Size Chart".

The corresponding size chart will appear, each size will have a different Chest and Length range. You can also switch between US and EU.

You can also switch between CM and INCHES.

In another field, you can enter your Chest and Length, and then the backend will calculate the right size for you.

Here is our example.




Country / Region

There are size conversions and information on clothing and body dimensions. To determine what will work best, we advise comparing the garment's measurements to the one you already own that is similar.

Next, we will introduce you to the graphic illustrations.

We have divided our Women's Tops into Relaxed, Slightly Fitted, and Fitted.


We have divided our Women's Dress into Relaxed Fit, Classic Fit, and Fitted.

We have divided the Women's Pants Leg Shape into five categories.

We have divided our Women's Pants & Shorts into Original, Classic, Favorite, and Modern.

Still uncertain? Your inquiries about fit, sizing, and other product characteristics can all be answered by our staff. Simply contact us in the bottom right-hand corner and we'll assist you.

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